Eugene Lebedev is an Assistant Director, Web Software Engineering at Wolters Kluwer. At Wolters Kluwer, Eugene is leading a global team of technology professionals and playing a key role in development and deployment of large-scale customer facing web application.
Eugene joined Wolters Kluwer in December 2007. Prior to Wolters Kluwer Eugene was working for several startup companies, one of which went public in 1998.
In the most recent endeavor prior to Wolters Kluwer, Eugene was a Director of Technology and Product Development at First Index Inc – the top technology position reporting directly to CEO. At First Index, Eugene successfully delivered next generation web-based application for global sourcing (2 billion dollar electronic market place and collaboration platform for the manufacturing industry) and customized solutions for several Fortune 500 companies. At First Index, Eugene was also responsible for overall technology leadership and strategy as well as development and support of the corporate global infrastructure across offices in the US, India and China.
Prior to First Index Inc, Eugene dedicated 3 years working on several complex software projects including next generation platform for online advertising and marketing and VoIP-based video conferencing solution at Gatelinx Global Corporation – privately held startup-company located in North Carolina.
Prior to Gatelinx, Eugene held a Technical Project Management position at Artificial Live Inc located in Boston, MA and was responsible for managing the global team of offshore developers as well as continuous communication with Artificial Life subsidiaries located in Germany and Switzerland to gather feedback and requirements for the next generation of Artificial Life core technology components.
Eugene received his MS in Computer Science (diploma with honors) from St. Petersburg State University, Russia and MBA from the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania.