AppFirst – My Second Impression

I have posted my first impression about AppFirst on Twitter.

This post briefly summarizes my miscellaneous thoughts after I spent a bit more time playing around with AppFirst.

Overall, App First offers an interesting solution, but most likely it will evolve in the near future. I made incorrect assumptions regarding the offering based on my first impression. To avoid the same mistake, just spend a few minutes reading about the service before clicking on “Try AppFirst for Free” button.

If you want to get a “fully functional” demo account without any extra effort, then I would recommend you to look at first.

If you did not follow my advice and still clicked “Try AppFirst for Free” without pre-reading or looking into the sendbox account, then you would probably agree with me on the following points:

  • It will be helpful if AppFirst trial account would provide a brief definition of the collector before asking user to install a collector.
  • A bit more clarity around “works with Windows and Linux on cloud” would also be helpful. I jumped to incorrect assumptions regarding AppFirst as a performance management solution for the cloud. Despite the fact that the service is offered as a SaaS service indeed, it does not mean that it would work on Amazon or Azure. Based on the demo, you need to install a connector on each server, and I don’t believe it is  possible on these clouds now.
  • Also, I am not sure about proposition of the infrastructure management – monitoring yes, but management – I don’t see how it would work.
  • “All prices include both physical and virtual servers” statement on the website is a bit confusing. I guess it means that the price is the same for a physical as well as a virtual server, but it does not mean that the price includes the actual servers – just the monitoring solution.

Despite these findings, I still think that AppFirst has a great potential!


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